What is in season: April Produce Guide- fruits, vegetables and fish

April Produce Guide: What is in season?

What is in season in April? April produce guide with seasonal fruits, vegetables and fish.

From the first fresh asparagus to spinach, a full list of seasonal produce to get the most out of these ingredients. Also includes lots of seasonal recipes to inspire you.

April produce guide

Spring is here and the market is getting the first colourful fruits and vegetables. First strawberries of the season are here to add some delicious aroma to your fruit basquet. Artichokes are still in season and my favourite vegetable is here, ASPARAGUS. Asparagus season is really short as it just lasts 5-6 weeks so if you see them at the market add them to the basket.

Do you need some recipes inspiration? Let me help you with that.

April produce guide with recipes inspo

Fruits and vegetables:

1. Swiss chard

Lubina con salsa vizcaina y pencas_pan fried sea bass with vizcaina sauce 1

2. Artichoke

Artichoke with mushrooms and poached egg

3. Asparagus

asparagus with anchovies and salmorejo style sauce-esparragos con anchoas
White asparagus with shrimp salad_esparragos rellenos de ensaladilla
esparragos blancos con mayonesa-whiete asparagus with healthy mayonnaise served on a platter
Slow cooker asparagus and mushroom quiche_pastel de setas y esparragos olla lenta

4. Kale

easy kale chips-summer snack

5. Spinach

slow cooker chickpeas and spinach stew

6. Broad beans

7. Endive

Grilled endive with gorgonzola and caramelized onions

8. Radish

easy pickled radish - simply delicious


1. Anchovies

sauteed broad beans with grilled boquerones
Boquerones fritos - Spanish Fried anchovies

2. Cod fish

Cod meatballs with piquillo sauce

3. Cuttlefish

Mediterranean style grilled cuttlefish-sepia a la plancha con ajo y perejil

I hope you found lots of inspiration to add some seasonal fruits and vegetables to your grocery list.

If you have any questions about the recipes, feel free to send an email to rootsandcook@gmail.com or send a DM via Instagram.

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