About me



Hi! I´m Enara, the recipe developer and passionate self-taught cook behind RootsandCook.

I´ve been cooking since I was little but my crazy passion for cooking bloomed a couple of years ago. I get inspired by family/friends recipes, cooking blogs, walking in the market, trying new restaurants, travelling to new countries… everywhere, all day long.

So RootsandCook is my place to share my passion and way of cooking to hopefully inspire you.

What are you going to find in my kitchen?

Vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, fish and some meat. I cook mainly with fresh seasonal ingredients that I get at the market every week. My cooking style is quite Mediterranean, with a few good ingredients and easy steps. I believe in real and natural food, no processed food. It is so easy and rewarding to make your own tomato sauce that you will not need to buy tomato sauce any more.

Natural, Simple, Real food flavours 99%

Occasionally some traditional desserts 1%

as I believe balance is the key


As I lived in different countries and I get inspired by new flavours when I travel, you will also find my own version of international recipes.

I love trying new good restaurants and get surprised, so I will share with you my favourite restaurants from different places in the world. I have to say I am pretty picky so if I share a restaurant recommendation it is because I loved it.


I got into urban gardens 3 years ago so I will share my learnings about how to grow certain vegetables or how to make natural and organic fertiliser (as this is also some kind of recipe).


Little bit more about me

Born and raised in the countryside in the Basque Country (Northern Spain). Surrounded by mountains, homegrown tomatoes and a family that loves cooking.

Moved to the Netherlands when I was 23 for some internships and still here. Currently living in The Hague with my partner and food taster behind the scenes… for good or bad.

I am … Stubborn, Perfectionist, Positive and Creative.

Markets are the first place I visit when I travel.

Most of the time you can find me in the kitchen testing and creating new recipes.

I love experimenting with new ingredients. When I try something I love at a restaurant I can´t stop testing it at home until I make my own version of it.

I hope this place inspires you to try new things and make them yours. Enjoy it!

Let´s start

Let´s connect! Feel free to reach me out or follow my journey in the kitchen on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

xx, Enara