clafoutis with cardamom- easy summer dessert. 2

Clafoutis with cardamom

Clafoutis with cardamom, easy and delicious summer dessert. Perfect to use any ripen summer fruit you have in the fruit basket. You can use peach, strawberries, mango, any fruit you like. What is in season now? Check here. We will also use some cardamon to give a special flavour to […]

Dessert, Healthy, Vegan

Cookie dough Ice Cream Sandwich -Vegan

Made with chickpeas, yes, but do not be sceptical. It is seriously good, I am sure if you try it without knowing it is made with chickpeas you will never guess. That is actually how I did it at home 😉 as it can be tricky to sell this recipe to a Ben and Jerry´s lover. But it worked!