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Edinburgh food guide

Edinburgh food guide, best places to eat in the city, places I would not go back, farmers market and curiosities about Scottish gastronomy. Plus a list of places I still need to try.

victoria street-edinburgh food guide
The foodie
circus lane-edinburgh food guide
Circus Lane
pint at fiddlers arms-edinburgh food guide

Lunch break

If you are sightseeing in the city centre of Edinburgh, those are the places I would recommend and the one I would not go back.

Oink Victoria Street Best place to eat traditional Scottish hog roast in a roll with sauce and salad. Small place so more of a take away.

Ikigai ramen Southbridge – If you visit Edinburgh in winter and it is cold and rainy can not think of a better option than a nice bowl of ramen. Chicken ramen at Ikigai was lovely and they have vegetarian ramen options.

Union of Genius – Looking for some warm confort food? The soups or stews in this place are lovely. Located near the University of Edinburgh, pretty small but quick and lovely service. We tried the chicken chilly and the Ghanaian chicken, both delicious. Do not expect a light soup, it is more like a stew with rice, vegetables, beans, chicken… warm and delicious. Lots of vegan and GF options.

Kilimanjaro coffee – Did not have time to try this place but it was on my list. If you are in the University area, I would really try it. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or a coffee break.

Noodles Home NO GO for me. It was really disappointing, I mean the name says it all, noodles home because that it all you get, noodles. I got a ramen with hand-pulled noodle and basically I got a huge bowl of noodles with broth and some spring onions on top. The broth did not have much flavour and it was just noodles! Do not expect vegetables… Would not recommend the place.

We also had some stir fried noodles with chicken that again was a platter with lots of noodles and a little bit of chicken, carrots and onion, but mostly noodles. Again I was missing some more greens.

UMI – The local tour guide recommended this amazing Japanese restaurant near the University. Unfortunately we did not have time to go there πŸ™ but looks amazing! Do not miss it.

chicken ramen ikigai-edinburgh food guide
Chicken ramen at Ikigai ramen southbridge
ikigai edamame-edinburgh food guide
Edamame at Ikigai ramen southbridge
soup at union of genius-edinburgh food guide
Soup options (March 2023) – Union of Genius

Traditional food

First Coast restaurant Cosy restaurant near Haymarket. Modern Scottish cuisine focuses on locally sourced ingredients. 10/10. Loved this place. I booked this restaurant for our first dinner in the city and I loved it. Best way to explore modern Scottish cuisine with local produce.

Must try:

  • The haggis if you want to try some local food in a more fancy way.
  • Crispy hake was fantastic, but it was truly spicy! The Scottish do not joke about spicy food.
  • We also had some grilled vegetables as side dish that I would 100% recommend.

Price- 80 Β£ (2 starters, 2 mains, 1 side dish and 2 beers)

first coast-edinburgh food guide
Haggis, neeps and creamy mash -Starter – First Coast restaurant
fish satay at first coast-edinburgh food guide
Prawn and fish satay, pineapple and peanut sauce, turmeric pickles – Starter- First Coast restaurant
crispy hake-edinburgh food guide
Crispy hake, chilli & shallot sambal, yellow rice and broccoli – Main course – First Coast restaurant
first coast-edinburgh food guide
Venison haunch, cauliflower puree, tenderstem broccoli, pinenuts, new potatoes – Main course – First Coast restaurant

Howies restaurant in Victoria street – We did not have time to go to this place but looks amazing to have some tradicional haggis.

Badger & Co – We went there on Sunday to try their famous Sunday roast, loved it. We had the beef sunday roast but they also had venison and the vegetarian version available.

sunday roast at badgers-edinburgh food guide
Beef Sunday roast at Badger & Co

Breakfast and coffee

Nomad – Cute coffee place near Haymarket. A little bit pricey. We had breakfast at this place our first day in Edinburgh. The avocado toast was more like tons of guacamole on a toast, it was ok but the ham and cheese croissant was not good. The pancakes looked amazing, so maybe it is better to order pancakes next time πŸ™‚

Coffee was nice and HUGE.

The milkman – It was on my list to try as apparently the coffee is delicious.

Greenwoods Edinburgh – Breakfast and brunch place that looked amazing bit did not have time to try.

ham and cheese toast at nomad-edinburgh food guide
Ham and cheese croissant at Nomad
nomad breakfast avocado toastedinburgh food guide
Avocado toast at Nomad
coffee late-nomad-edinburgh food guide
Coffee latte at Nomad

Life music

Stramash – Restored church/pub with life music. Super nice place to have a beer and enjoy some life music.

Farmers market

If you follow me on social media, you know I have a thing for farmers market… LOVE LOVE them. Love to check local produce and get a feeling of the local gastronomy. I loved this little market near the castle.

The market just opens on Saturdays from 9:00 to 14:00.

farmers market-edinburgh food guide
fresh produce at edinburgh farmers market-edinburgh food guide
farmers markets edinburgh-edinburgh food guide
tomatoes at farmers market in edinburgh-edinburgh food guide

Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, some meat, fresh fish, cheese and fresh milk. Lovely to see it and get some delicious local goat cheese.

On Sundays there is a small market at Stockbridge that was also nice to see. This one is mostly a market with food spots for lunch, noodles, paella…

Things I was not expecting in Edinburgh

Coffee – Coffee cups are HUGE, like pints… The bigger the better apparently. Take this into account when you order coffee, for me the small version was more that enough.

coffee at nomad edinburgh food guide

Gastronomy – Scottish gastronomy has way more variety than I expected. If you are from France, Italy, Spain, Greece with huge gastronomy background you might not think that but if you live in The Netherlands with more limited options, it was lovely to see more that chicken at the market.

It was quite socking to find wild rabbit or squirrel at the market.

Fish on the other hand, was the oposite. All the fish at the market was already ready to eat, fillet style, no whole fish at all.

Stockbridge market

Spicy food – No jokes when Scottish people say it is spicy as it truly is. I was not expecting so many spicy dishes, lots of Indian influence with curries and spiced food.

Battered fish – I love fish so usually when I go to a restaurant I order fish. It was quite funny that all the fish in Edinburgh is battered, I did not find any grilled fish with no batter.

Hope you liked this little or not so little Edinburgh food guide 2023.

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Side note about Edinburgh’s airport (food story time): Something really weird happened to me when I when through security.

I always bring some snacks and food with me when I travel as food at the airports and planes is pretty bad and unhealthy. Last times I took a plane in Bogota, Madrid or Amsterdam took hummus and carrots with me. So I did the same this time.

We I went through security, which btw it is old and pretty chaotic, they throw away the hummus as they said it was liquid. Excuse me, liquid? So carrots with carrots it was for me LOLs.

I tried to get some food at the airport, looking for something that was not a sandwich are the shelves were almost empty of food at 17:51.

I have to say I was pretty shocked about that taking into account that it is such a modern city where you can even donate money at a church with your credit card in a contactless machine. But the old security system and rules of the airport of Edinburgh are the same as 20 years ago.

Families traveling with kids that want to bring food for their kids, check the old rules of the airports in the UK as you might not be allowed to bring certain food for your kids.

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