Favourite Cookbooks of 2023

My favourite cookbooks of 2023.

A little selection of my favourite cookbooks of this year, perfect as gift ideas for foodies.

1. Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden


Still one of my favourite cookbooks. A must if you are into seasonal cooking and you are looking for inspiration to try new ingredients or enjoy usual ones in a different way.

Joshua is all about getting the most out of each season, inspiring us to eat seasonal produce, and all that with flavourful recipes.

For sure a great gift for foodies that love cooking.

Honest Cookbook Reviews: Six Seasons

Amazon: from 36,65 euros.

2. Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi


Ottolenghi’s cookbook are a must for any home cook. Probably this is my favourite to start exploring Ottolenghi’s cooking style, full of herbs, spices, lots of fresh ingredients, pulse…

Bol.com or Amazon from 33,75 euros.

3. Made in India by Meera Sodha


Still my favourite Indian cookbook.

Real traditional Indian recipes, real homemade curry, with garlic, ginger…

Do you want to know more about this cookbook? Check the full Honest Cookbook review here.

Honest Cookbook Reviews: Made In India

Amazon: from 23,38 euros.

4. Salt Fat Acid and Heat by Samin Nostrat


If you are looking for a more technical cookbook to understand the chemical reaction happening in the pan, how salt or heat affects the food… so you can master basic and complex recipes, this is the PERFECT BOOK to begin with.

Easy to understand theory, lots of pictures and easy to follow steps/explanation.

Amazon from 24,4 euros

5. The Science of Cooking


Similar to the previous cookbook, this is more of a theory book for beginners. Absolutely essential to unsderstand lots of basic concepts that happen when we cook.

The book has lots of photos/illustrations so it makes it super easy to understand.

Amazon from 27,88 euros

6-7. Let’s make ramen and Ramen Otaku

2024 is going to be the year to master homemade ramen for me.

I had best ramen in Seoul a few months ago, so I decided it was time to learn how to make Tori Paitan ramen at home.

Ramen is almost a cuisine by itself rather than a dish so at the beginning there are lots of new concepts (tare, shio, broth, aroma oil…) and lots of new ingredients you need to get familiar with.

I am still learning but after getting really confused with different recipes on YouTube, I decided to learn basics first and got these 1 cookbooks.

Let’s make ramen is absolutely amazing to get familiar with new concepts and ingredients, and understand what is tare, different types of tare, different types of broth… Personally not so fun of the comic style illustrations but really useful to get basics right.

Ramen Otaku is the cookbook for level 2. You will learn lots of theory but it also has some amazing recipes and will give you the tools to create your own ramen.

Let’s make ramenAmazon from 13.26 euros

Ramen OtakuAmazon from 16.72 euros


8. Dessert person by Claire Saffitz


THE BAKING COOKBOOK. Traditional and long recipes that are 100% worth baking them.

My favourite baking cookbook at the moment.

Do you want to know more about this cookbook? Check the full Honest Cookbook review here.

Honest Cookbook Reviews: Dessert Person

Amazon: from 20,47 euros.

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My favourite cookbooks of 2023

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