Honest Cookbook reviews: Six Seasons

Honest Cookbook reviews: Six seasons

Honest Cookbook reviews: Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden with Martha Holmberg.

Famous for the #butterboard recipe but this book is way more than that.

In 5 words:

Seasonal, vegetables, local, flavour and easy.

Honest Cookbook reviews: Six Seasons
Back Cover – Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden with Martha Holmberg

Index, recipes photos:

Basic info:




Easy to find ingredients:

Easy to follow recipes:

What is in season and what to cook with it.

Get the most of each season with seasonal vegetables and flavourful dishes.

Easy to find ingredients, simple recipes with lots of flavour.

Extra information:

Ingredients: Everything is easy to find, specially if you stick to the ongoing season and do not try to find tomatoes in winter.

Book is divided in 6 seasons (he divides summer in 3 seasons) to get the most out of each seasonal produce. The each season has multiple highlighted vegetables and several recipes with it.

Recipes are simple but with so much flavour.

Perfect if you are into SEASONAL and LOCAL food.

Lots of vegetables.

Price: 26,7 € (Amazon.nl)

I would buy this book if…

…you want to get inspiration of what is is season each month and get the most out of it.

…have a vegetable garden and harvest too many zucchinis at once and need inspiration to cook new dishes.

… Local and Seasonal is you kind of cuisine.

… if you want to get inspiration to eat different or more vegetables.

It is a great gift idea if…

…you love cooking. As simple as that, it is just my favourite cookbook and the ONE I would gift anyone.

Favourite recipes (by rootsandcook’s community):

  • Fava and pistachio pesto on pasta (pag. 95)
  • Squash and tuna melt casserole (pag. 213)
  • Swiss chard, leek, herb and ricotta crostata (pag. 302)

Rootsandcook’s community say about this book:

If you want to share your review about this book or share with the community your favourite recipes, please leave a comment at the end of the post or send me a DM via Instagram.

My own opinion about this CookBook:

My favourite cookbook of 2022. As simple as that 🙂

PS: Don’t buy tomatoes in winter.

This book is available at Amazon.nl :

Honest Cookbook reviews: Six Seasons
Six seasons

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