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Honest Cookbook reviews: Dessert Person

Honest Cookbook reviews: Dessert Person by Claire Saffitz.

In 5 words:

Dessert, sugar, butter, advanced and special.

dessert person-honest cookbook review-rootsandcook
Back Cover – Dessert Person by Claire Saffitz.

Index, recipes photos, recipe example, step by step recipes:

Basic info:




Easy to find ingredients:

Easy to follow recipes:

Design is great, photography is beautiful, recipes are for advanced home bakers, ingredients are easy to find and recipes are well explained. Some recipes have step by step photos too.

Extra information:

Time: It is a traditional recipe book, and by traditional I mean that pastry to make croissant is 100% handmade so recipes are long and take time. Perfect to enjoy baking any of the recipes on a rainy Sunday.

There are lots of special recipes, spelt croissant or speculoos babka for example, classic recipes but with a twist.

Recipes are classic baking style recipes so expect lots of sugar, flour and butter.

Tips: Most of the recipes include tips at the end of the recipe/page. Thank you for that.

Price: 20,69 € (

I would buy this book if…

…I love baking traditional style desserts. (by traditional I mean: sugar, butter and flour)

…I am looking for a great dessert cookbook to make special desserts. For birthdays, special occasions… so I can enjoy spending 2-4 hours baking to create something special.

… I want to have a great dessert cookbook in my library to make desserts for special occasions. My next Birthday cake will be from this book for sure.

It is a great gift idea if…

…the person really loves baking a is looking for an advanced dessert cookbook.

Favourite recipes (by rootsandcook’s community):

  • Spelt croissants (pag. 253)
  • Chocolate buttermilk cake (pag. 181)
  • Croquembouche (pag. 211)

Rootsandcook’s community say about this book:

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Dessert Person by Claire Saffitz

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