picnic ideas to enjoy this summer

Picnic ideas to enjoy this summer

Picnic ideas to enjoy this summer, fresh, baked and delicious recipes.

Who doesn’t like a nice picnic on long summer days?

Weekend picnics or midweek afterwork picnics?

We all know how to make a sandwich but there is a lot more that you can bring to a picnic that store bought snacks or sandwiches.

Baked pies, empanadas, easy but special dips, fresh salads and amazing desserts.

If you need inspiration for picnic ideas that are not a classic recipes, this is the place to be.

Enjoy it!

Baked goods

Quiche is always a great idea and if it is this healthy version even better, you can bake it or cook it on the slow cooker, both option are great for a picnic. Do you maybe prefer some savoury muffins with sun-dried tomatoes and olives? Always a great idea.

With dough

3 of my favourite recipes with dough to bring to a picnic.

Galician empanadas stuffed with tuna, sardine or cod.

Tuna empanadillas, everyone loves them.

Salads and more

3 different “salads” that are easy to make: white beans salad, green bean salad and my favourite, stuffed piquillo peppers.


Dips are a must for a picnic but with don’t we dress them up? Carrot and white beans dip, hummus and tapenade or white bean dip. All great option to surprise anyone.

Fresh bites and sauce

Fresh and lighter option are always welcome too. Fresh pickles radish or tapenade are great ideas to add some fresh bites.

Bonus recipe: Healthy mayo with hard boiled eggs. A must in summer if you want to enjoy a lighter version of the classic mayo.

For dessert

There is no picnic without a nice dessert. Two of my favourites: beetroot brownie and pumpkin and chocolate cake.

A classic with a twist that everyone loves is the apple and coffee jam. So so good!

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