15 healthy slow cooker recipes-rootsandcook

15 healthy slow cooker recipes

15 healthy slow cooker recipes that are easy to make.

Are you looking fresh and healthy slow cooker recipes?

Let me inspire you with 15 healthy slow cooker recipes that you will love.

Vegetables, healthy quiche, fish (yes, you can cook delicious fish recipes on the slow cooker) and healthy dessert.

Let’s start with an easy and healthy quiche

You can adjust the vegetables and make different versions but keep the amount of eggs and cottage cheese.

Delicious mushrooms with white wine sauce

So easy and so good as a side dish.

Legumes are a great healthy slow cooker idea

The perfect summer dip.

Best winter chickpea stew, perfect for cold winter days.

FISH, yes, you can cook fish on the slow cooker.

Easy and delicious recipe to start with.

A little bit more advanced, perfect for a special occasion:

Do you need more fish and legumes recipes for the slow cooker?

Fish & Legumes

Slow cooker recipes.

30 healthy Mediterranean recipes for the slow cooker. 15 fish recipes and 15 legume recipes.


fish and legumes - slow cooker recipes - rootsandcook - book cover

Healthy meat slow cooker options are also great

Slow cooker chicken breast to use on sandwiches, salads, wraps…

One of my favourite dinner ideas:

PULLED TURKEY, yes you can use turkey thighs so make amazing pulled turkey on the slow cooker

Flavourful, tender and juicy.

What can I do with pulled turkey?

Healthy and easy slow cooker chicken tacos

Best marinated roasted chicken


Dessert on the slow cooker

Chocolate and pear is always a great idea.

Pumpkin and chocolate?

We all know this is a great combo, and it can also be healthy if you use a sweet pumpkin. NO sugar pumpkin and chocolate cake.

More slow cooker recipes ideas, here.

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