Ebook – Fish and Legumes – Slow cooker


30 healthy Mediterranean recipes for the slow cooker. 15 fish recipes and 15 legume recipes.

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What are you going to find in this ebook?

In this Ebook you will find 30 healthy Mediterranean Fish and Legume recipes for the slow cooker. 15 fish recipes and 15 legume recipes. Also, you will find a time guide to cook your favourite legume recipes on the slow cooker.

These are all the recipes:


Sea bream in salt crust
Sea bass with tapenade
Fish stock
Marmitako – Basque bonito stew
Tuna with tomato sauce
Marinated salmon
Vegetable stew with codfish
Galician style octopus
Fish pudding
Calamari stew
Sardines in escabeche
Teriyaki salmon
Cod meatballs with tomato sauce
Salmon meatballs with avocado sauce
Salmon and spinach quiche


Time guide
Basic legumes
Lentil stew with stir-fried spinach
White bean stew with octopus
White bean stew
White bean stew with clams in green sauce
Red bean stew with stir-fried cabbage
Chickpea and swiss chard stew
Chickpea stew with garlic shrimp
Chickpea stew with monkfish
Chickpea curry
Chickpea stew with codfish
Red lentil dahl with spinach
Kidney bean dip
Winter lentil salad
White bean autumn salad
Chickpea and cod summer salad

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