breakfast ideas to make this weekend - sweet and savoury breakfast ideas

6 breakfast ideas to make this weekend

6 of my favourite breakfast ideas you can try this weekend. From sweet french toasts to savoury toasts.


1. Oatmeal Pancakes – Easy And Healthy

Easy oatmeal pancakes I make every weekend, just perfect for a slow Sunday morning. The batter is so easy to make so you will have homemade oat pancakes in no time.

Oatmeal pancakes - Easy and healthy Easy, healthy and DELICIOUS oatmeal pancakes. Super easy to make and I can not think of a better way to start the weekend. Using just a few ingredients and blending them all together you can make amazing homemade pancakes. Use your favourite toppings, dark chocolate, peanut butter, fresh fruit, yogurt, homemade jam… Ready to make super easy oatmeal pancakes?
Oatmeal pancakes – 6 breakfast ideas to make this weekend

2. French toast

If you want to have a different breakfast or even prepare a brunch for friends and family, this is a super easy idea to make your own French toast at home.

Few ingredients and ready in 15 minutes. If you fancy a different breakfast this weekend you should try this recipe.

Easy French Toast with strawberries and chocolate-rootsandcook

3. Irish soda bread

To be honest you will need to bake this bread a day ahead but, it is al worth it. It is truly so special and I love it with some melted butter and jam.

Irish soda bread-rootsandcook

4. Blueberry Dates Jam

Need a homemade jam for the Irish soda bread? This blueberry dates jam is all you need.

Easy to make and using just a couple of dates to make it sweet.

blueberry date jam on a jar - mermelada de arandanos y datiles en un tarro


5. Mushroom hummus toast with pomegranate

My favourite brunch idea. A nice slice of bread, creamy classic hummus, sautéed oyster mushrooms with garlic, fresh pomegranate and chopped parsley.

6. The perfect toast

How to make the perfect toast? with salmorejo style sauce, smashed avocado and perfectly poached egg.

My favourite toast for late weekend breakfast or as lunch during the week.

The Perfect Toast - salmorejo, avocado and egg
Savoury weekend breakfast idea

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