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10 Appetizer ideas for Christmas

Looking for some appetizer ideas for Christmas? Let me inspire you with 10+ appetizer ideas for Christmas 2022 edition.

Classic appetizers:

3 of my favourite classic appetizers to keep it on the safe side.

Do you want to make a nice cheese board?

But let’s make it fancy.

Get your favourite cheeses and place them nicely on a board. Add some nice dips between the cheese selection to add that something different to a classic cheese board.

Some of my favourite dips:

Add something fresh to balance out all the dips and creamy and savoury cheeses.

Easy to make pickled radish are always a great idea.

add something sweet but special…

Apple and coffee jam with cheese… is always and amazing combination.

Fingerfood ideas?

Use this recipe on a cupcake pan to make mini individual quiche, always a winner.

Always add something fresh as appetizer

My favourite appetizer to surprise my guest:

Do you need more than 10 appetizer ideas for Christmas? See below the 2021-2022 edition.

3 easy appetizer ideas for casual dinners with friends.

Cover photo by Nicole Michalou : https://www.pexels.com/photo/elegant-table-set-up-for-christmas-6062038/

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