16+ autumn slow cooker recipes

Slow cooker recipes for beginners

Slow cooker recipes for beginners to enjoy the most delicious dishes.

Let’s start from the beginning, What is a slow cooker?

Did you get a slow cooker recently? and you are not sure what kind of things you can cook with it?

Let me help and inspire you with some slow cooker recipes for beginners.

My first slow cooker recipe ever:

Basic and easy pulled turkey that your can use to make other dishes like…

Pulled turkey quesadillas

It is cold outside and want a nice chickpea stew?

Or maybe an easy Moroccan style chicken?

Did you know you can cook fish on the slow cooker?

The easiest fish recipe for the slow cooker.

Love spare ribs and want to make them at home?

They are way easier to cook that you might think.

Let’s go a little bit fancy but still easy

Perfect weekend recipes:

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