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Urban Garden

Banana tea – Organic potassium fertilizer

This homemade organic fertilizer recipe is super easy to make. You will just need two ingredients, banana peels and water. Banana peels are rich in potassium and that helps plants during blossoming or when the fruits are coming out. Is during those periods when the plants need more potassium. Also, adds lots of nutrients that plants need to grow strongly.

Vegetables, Vegetarian

Spinach florentine

Homegrown spinach to make this spinach florentine dish. This year I decided to add two small raised vegetable beds at the terrace. Each planter is 80×60 and divided into 4 spaces, so I decided to plant all kind of different vegetables. It makes me extremely happy to see things grow […]


Chicken with beer

It is made with few and simple ingredients but the result is mouth-watering. I warn you that you will need some bread, as the sauce is amazing for some bread dipping. For me, the best beer for this dish is a lager, like Heineken. If you like the taste of stronger beers feel free to try it. Enjoy it!

Appetizers and Snack

White bean dip

I had this bean dip couple of times in a Mexican restaurant and loved it. When I like something new in a restaurant I have to try making it at home 🙂 so here is my version of this delicious white bean dip for a Mexican dinner.

Soup, Vegan

Butternut Squash soup

This creamy and warm soup is almost always in my weekly menu. I love it in winter but also in chilly spring days as lunch. Super easy to make and can be cooked couple of days in advance and keep in the refrigerator.