Where to eat best empanadas in Baiona – La Pintora

Do you want to know where to eat best empanadas in Baiona, Galicia? With no doubt at La Pintora.

This summer we visited few places in Galicia and Baiona was one of the last ones. Last day we wanted to buy some empanada to bring back home so we asked at the hotel where to buy a good homemade one. The lady at the hotel responded straight away, at La Pintora. So we went there to check their empanadas.

It was early in the morning and they already had a little queue outside. For me a sign that the place must be good.

They have few awards for their sourdough bread and lost of different empanadas. We tried the bread and couple of the empanadas… just amazing. Juicy homemade empanadas with an amazing golden bread… just perfect.

My recommendations – What to eat:

  • Any of their sourdough breads. Fresh baked every morning.
  • My top 3 empanadas: Bonito (tuna), Bacalado con pasas (Codfish with raisins) and Zamburiñas (Scallops).
  • Tarta Santiago

Address: Rúa do Marqués de Quintanar, 36300 Baiona, Pontevedra

If you can not go to Galicia you can always bring a little bit of Galicia to your kitchen 🙂

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