where to eat in pontevedra_mercado municipal

Where to eat in Pontevedra, Galicia

Where to eat in Pontevedra, Galicia? If you want to have a different experience then visit the mercado municipal, the market.

The uniqueness of this market is that you can buy fresh fish at the market and then go upstairs to Bar La Plaza and ask them to cook it for you. Yes, you can pick and buy super fresh fish and they will cook it for you.

You can get fresh fish or seafood, just have a little walk at the market and get what you like the most. Then just bring everything to Bar La Plaza. There is no need to do this right before lunch, you can buy the fish at the market early in the morning and bring it to the bar, they will store your fish or seafood in the fridge.

You can enjoy a lovely walk to the city and just go back for lunchtime.

They will prepare your food in 2 ways, pan-grilled which will cost 4 euros or boiled (3 euros).

where to eat in pontevedra- mercado municipan - zamburiñas
Where to eat in Pontavedra, Galicia

Here some TIPS:

  • Always have a little walk first to check the best spots to buy your fish.
  • Ask the fishmonger to clean the fish and let him/her know you are going to eat it at the restaurant upstairs. So they will clean it properly.
  • Ask what is in season.
  • Let them know that you are going to Bar La Plaza so they can recommend you fish and seafood for the grill or to boil.
  • I will highly recommend to get some zamburiñas or any seafood, they will be fresh and cheaper than at a restaurant.

Enjoy the experience.

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