anchovy - anchoa con tomate

Anchovy with Tomato over grilled pound cake toast

What do you think if I say grilled buttery pound cake with a salty anchovy topping for #PintxoSaturday?

It is as good as it sounds. A golden buttery and sweet cake instead of bread, salmorejo style sauce, flavourful fresh tomato and a salted anchovy. The perfect combination between sweet and salty for a great appetizer.

Usually, I make this toast with regular bread and it is simple but delicious. If you have good quality anchovies this pintxo does not need much. Today I wanted to try something different and use grilled pound cake to get that sweet and salty mix.

anchovy - anchoa con tomate

So here my version of traditional anchovy tomato toast with salmorejo sauce and golden butter pound cake. But if you want the regular version with bread just get a loaf of good bread and follow the same recipe. It is the version I use the most and always a success when I have friends over.

If you ever have the change to travel to Spain get some good canned anchovies in olive oil. You can prepare this recipe when you come back home and enjoy it with a nice glass of wine.

More pintxos (tapas/fingerfood) next Saturday ­čÖé #pintxorootsandcook.

Grilled pound cake toast with Anchovy and Tomato

Recipe by Enara ParraCourse: AppetizersCuisine: Difficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 2 slices of butter pound cake

  • 4 tablespoon salmorejo style sauce

  • 1 tomato, cut into cubes

  • 4 salted anchovies


  • Heat a non non sticky pan over medium heat.
    Cut the cake slices into rectangular sticks.
    Grill the cake sticks from each side until golden. Max 2 minutes. Set the aside.
  • Serve: Place a grilled pound cake toast on a plate.
    Spread 1 tablespoon of salmorejo sauce.
    Add some tomato cubes (or the seeds as I did this time).
    Finish with a nice anchovy. Enjoy!

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