bacalao salado del Jumbo en Holanda-salted cod frim the supermarket in the netherlands

Where can I buy salted cod in The Netherlands

Salted cod in The Netherlands, yes! You can find it in almost all supermarkets. You can not find really thick cod fillets but still good quality salted cod.

You need to look at the regular shelves and not in the fridge.

Salted cod in the Netherlands:


In almost all the Jumbo supermarkets they have a Turkish section. On the bottom shelves, you can find the salted cod.

The picture above is the cod I bought at Jumbo.


I think you can also find it in the AH but I will take a picture next time I go to one. To be updated.

Turkish shops

You can find the cod next to tuna and sardine cans. They have a small bag that contains 2 small fillets.

Market in The Hague

There are a couple of spots where you can buy good quality salted cod fillets. Below on the map you can find the exact place to buy it.

The entire codfish or fillets. . .

PLUS supermarkets

Most of Plus supermarkets also have salted codfish.

Looking for codfish recipes? Here you can find some.

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