top 10 basicos en mi cocina- top 10 kitchen essentials

Top 10 kitchen essentials

Top 10 kitchen essentials, the cookware and tools I use the most in my kitchen. A selection of 10 must have in any kitchen.

Hope you like it.

01. Basic pan set

A basic set of 3 pans: 18-22-26 cm. BRA Efficient pans have amazing quality, they last really long and have affordable prices. Best value.

02. Casserole

A high casserole of 24 cm and a low casserole of 30 cm.

The high one is perfect to make soup, broth, legumes… and the low one for stews, meatballs, vegetable stews…

03. Saucepan

An small saucepan to make sauces, cook eggs…

Mine is this one from WMF, 14 cm.


04. Digital scale – Digital spoon scale

Digital scale with high precision that can measure from 1 g to 5 kg. Small and easy to store. Love this one.

05. Baking pan

The oven dish is another basic item from the kitchen. You can use it to make roasted vegetables, a lasagna, some delicious moussaka, roast a whole chicken, roast meat or even to make an amazing brownie.

06. Knives

A set of knives is another indispensable cooking tool. This set of the basic 5 knives is perfect if you want to get a great basic set.

07. Hand blender

A hand blender is a must to make smooth creams and sauces. I got this one from Bosch 5 years ago and still super happy this it.

batidora de mano- hand blender

08. Measuring cup

A measuring cup of 1 litre is perfect for baking and for cooking. This one with a handle is perfect.

09. Blender

A hand blender is great for most of the cream and sauces but when you need to blend roasted nuts for example you need a powerful tool. Something with at least 900 W.

nutri bullet_rootsandcook

10. Storage container

Storage containers with a lid to store food properly in the fridge or freezer. The basic glass containers from IKEA are always a great option but you can find great deals at Amazon as well.

taper cristal IKEA grande
1 litre – IKEA
taper cristal IKEA pequeño
180 ml – Set of 3 – IKEA

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