sweet and savoury rhubarb recipes-tartetatin-rootsandcook

Sweet and savoury rhubarb recipes

Looking for sweet and savoury rhubarb recipes? It is rhubarb season so it is time to get the most out of this amazing vegetable.

Sweet rhubarb recipes:

Rhubarb and sugar is a classic combination that will not disappoint you.

Rhubarb and white chocolate cookies are just heavenly and a must try.

If you feel really classy and want to keep it simple, then go for the rhubarb tarte tatin, just delicious!

galletas de ruibarbo y chocolate blanco con ruibarbo en daditos
sweet and savoury rhubarb recipes-tartetatin-rootsandcook

Savoury rhubarb recipes

If you feel like you had enough sweet rhubarb recipes and want to explore new recipes, this one is a must, rhubarb homemade ketchup!

rhubarb ketchup-rootsandcook

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