Essential pots and pans

Essential pots and pans, my guide to the skillets, pots, and pans that I think everyone should have in the kitchen.

If you’re tired of changing non-stick pans every 2-3 years and you’re looking for pans and casseroles that will last forever, this is for you.

I’m going to tell you everything I’ve learned over the years in terms of skillets, pots and pans, materials, brands, price…


Below you will find the direct links to the product in Amazon so you have it as a reference, but I encourage you to look for it on other websites/stores to compare prices.

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1- Lodge cast iron skillet

Cast iron skillet from Lodge. The heavy-duty.

Cast iron pans holds up heat very well and can be used on the stove and oven. It is also suitable to take it with you camping and use it for BBQ or open fire. The more you use the skillet the more non-stick surface will create, so be patient the first few times you use it.

It is not difficult to use and it very easy to clean with hot water, never with soap.

Right after cleaning the skiller it is important to make use it is complety dry and apply a thin layer of neutral oil.

Model: 26 cm

Price: €60 (amazon)

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  • Cooks evenly
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used in the oven
  • Can be used on BBQs
  • Perfect for: searing, roasting, for omelettes, frying eggs, baking (tarte tatin)…


  • Really heavy
  • Needs to be seasoned after every use

2- De Buyer – Mineral B

It’s a really special pan. It’s not a pan I would recommend to beginners and even less if you come from only using non-stick pans.

.It’s important to use it often to create that natural non-stick layer.

For me, the best way to start using this pan is with simple things like: searing meats, sautéed vegetables, frying potatoes… And the more you use it and the more non-stick it will became. After a while you will be ablt to cook more difficult things like grilled fish.

Do foods taste different? Yes, for me it does. The food tastes different, in my opinion better. Sauteéd vegetables taste amazing on this pan.

It is important to clean the pan with hot water, make sure it is completely dry with a kitchen towel and season with a layer of neutral oil.

Model: The one I have is 26 cm

Price: 74.45 euros (amazon)

de-buyer-essential-pans and pots-must have cookware-rootsandcook-kitchen


  • Cooks evenly
  • Easy to clean
  • Food tastes better


  • Pretty heavy
  • Can not be used in the oven

3 – Lacor Foodie – stainless steel

Perfect for taking the first step to remove non-stick pans from your kitchen.

Ideal for searing cuts of fish, meat, grilling, sautéing vegetables, making omelettes…

Clean with hot water and steel wool, never with soap. For tough stains, let it soak in vinegar and baking soda for a few hours.

Model: 28 cm stainless steel Foodie.

Price: 37 euros (amazon)



  • Light weight
  • Ideal for: sautéing, grilling, searing, omelettes, frying eggs…


  • It takes some time to get hot
  • Tough stains might be difficult to clean

POTS – than will last forever

1 – Le creuset

The Ferrari of casseroles.

Enameled cast iron pan.

An absolutely amazing pan. It is perfect to make stews, broths or even to make bread or roasts in the oven.

It is pretty heavy and for sure it is not a cheap brand. But it’s a casserole that will last forever.

The heat distribution and retention of the casserole is amazing specially for broths, soups or stews.

It is very easy to wash and doesnt need any seasoning.

Model: 24 cm cocotte

Price: €220 – €246 (amazon)

le-creuset-is it worth it-rootsandcook

2 – Vancasso

My absolutely favourite cast iron pan at the moment. It cooks as good as the Le Creuset.

But it costs less than half of the price.

The heat distribution and retention of the casserole is amazing specially for broths, soups or stews.

Same as Le Creuset, it is easy to wash and you can put it in the oven.

Model: 28 cm low casserole.

Price: 81.24 (amazon)

vancasso-kitchen must haves-rootsandcook

I hope you found all this information useful. I’ll keep updating this post with new pans and pots.

Updated: January 2024


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