Pack of 3 single recipes – SLOW COOKER – DIGITAL


A pack of 3 digital recipes for the slow cooker.

Marinated salmon: Orange and soy marinade to get the most tender salmon on the slow cooker. Easy and delicious.

Stuffed slow cooker chicken: Chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, wine… a flavourful stuffing to make roasted chicken.

Chickpea curry: Express recipe to make one pot chickpea curry on the slow cooker. Easy and vegan.


  • Marinated salmon
  • Stuffed slow cooker chicken
  • Chickpea curry



Single recipes are printed on Biotop paper. This paper is 100% chlorine-free bleached (TCF) and has an authentic, natural look. In this way, you ensure minimum environmental impact and maximum quality for printing.

Format: A5 (148 x 210 mm) – 300 g

As we are always looking for the most environmentally friendly materials, the envelope is 100% recycled paper and the thank you card is growing paper full of flower seeds. Make sure you plant the card in spring to enjoy beautiful flowers in summer. Flowers are bee and butterfly friendly.


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